Microsoft Windows Vista x64 + x32 AIO DVD

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Microsoft Windows Vista x64 + x32 AIO DVD

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As you all know Microsoft released its new Operating System Vista 6 months back...with quite a lot of diffrent versions..
Well anyway your problems are solved, this AIO DVD has both 32bit + 64bit versions of Vista:

Windows Vista Home Basic (x86) or (x64)
Windows Vista Home Basic N (x86) or (x64)
Windows Vista Home Premium (x86) or (x64)
Windows Vista Business (x86) or (x64)
Windows Vista Business N (x86) or (x64)
Windows Vista Ultimate (x86) or (x64)
Windows Vista Starter (x86)
This upload has includes a CD key if you cant find one of your own, an RTM Uniersal Key allowing you to choose which version of Vista you want
OEM/Retail versions are all available on the DVD depending on the type of key you enter. You still need to activate Vista but there are many workarounds on the Net
Two mirror link include file is text file for download link:

Code: Microsoft_Windows_Vista_x64___x32_AIO_DVD_By_Mentoly.rar


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