Windows 7 Home Basic Optimized v1 - DVD Version

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Windows 7 Home Basic Optimized v1 - DVD Version

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Windows 7 Home Basic Optimized v1 - DVD Version


Windows 7 Home Basic Optimized v1 is a modified version of Windows 7 Home Basic Beta 1 - Build 7000 - made to work on older computers, which contains a weak hardware. Unnecessary features were removed, settings were optimized and more. Works with 256MB of RAM, running fine with 320MB.

He will accomplish the desire of people who have a weak computer and want to test Windows 7 without having to perform an upgrade or exchange of machine.
Will be divided into two versions, one DVD and one CD (to be burned on 3 discs).

Can be used normally as main OS on this type of PC and some even a bit younger, thinking about performance.

It helps a lot people using dialup internet, because now comes with a menu of options that you can install several widely used programs that are difficult to reduce this type of internet, such as Windows Live Messenger, Java, Flash, Anti-Virus and others.


Minimum configurations:

* Computer with a 200 Mhz processor or higher;
* 256MB of RAM;
* 15GB Hard Drive with 6.5 GB free;
* 8MB onboard video card and monitor with Super VGA (800x600) or higher;
* CD or DVD drive (depending on the version you download).

Recommended settings:

* Computer with a 400 Mhz processor or higher;
* 320MB of RAM (512MB was more than offset not install because it is a version made for older computers);
* Hard disk of 20GB or more with 6.5 GB free;
* 24MB onboard video card and monitor with Super VGA (800x600) or higher;
* CD or DVD drive (depending on the version you download).


System Modifications:


- Acessibility;
- Welcome Center;
- Windows Games;
- Walk Support;
- Diva Server;
- Tv Tuners Drivers;
- All language support partially removed, except English;
- Sample Pictures, Musics and Videos;
- Wallpapers and Screensavers;
- Remote Desktop and Assistance;
- Remote Desktop Client;
- Windows Colaboration;
- Windows Search Indexer;
- Quality Windows Audio Video Experience;
- Remote Registry;
- Help Center;
- Parental Control;
- Natural Language;
- Sync Center;
- Tablet PC Support;
- Windows Defender;
- XBOX 360 Controller Support;
- Firewire (1394) Support;
- Smartcards Support;
- Infrared Support;
- Tv Tuner Support;
- Fax Support.


- User Account Control (UAC) = Disabled
- AutoPlay = Disabled
- Memory requirement = 256MB;
- Services:

BITS = Manual
DPS = Manual
HIDSERV = Disabled
LMHOSTS = Manual
MPSSVC = Automatic (Delayed Start)
PLA = Disabled
SCARDSVR = Disabled
SDRSVC = Disabled
SENS = Disabled
SYSMAIN = Disabled
UXSMS = Automatic (Delayed Start)
WERSVC = Disabled


- Essential Pack:
1- Finish Configuration of System;
2- Restore 5 Wallpapers (included the Betta Fish);
3- Program incompatibilities resolver;
4- Send Feedback Remover.
- Network Pack:
1- Adobe Flash Player;
2- Adobe Shockwave Player 11;
3- Firefox 3.0.6;
4- Java 6 Update 11;
5- Windows Live Messenger 8.5.
- Security Pack:
1- Kaspersky Internet Security for Windows 7;
2- Avira Anti-Vir Free.
- Useful Pack:
1- CCleaner 2.1.6;
2- Glary Utilities;
3- Unlocker 1.8.7.
4- WinRAR (if you download WBO01 Update)
5- Keyboard Layouts Fix (if you download WBO01 Update)


System Pictures:
DVD Options Menu:

WMP 12 Hotfix Offline Installation:

System after Reboot:

Windows Live Messenger 8.5 running after Offline Installation:

System Properties:

Memory Use:

ISO W7HB Optimized v1 – DVD Version:

- 6.1.7000.W7HBO.090215-1651.DVD.part1.rar - 299MB
- 6.1.7000.W7HBO.090215-1651.DVD.part2.rar - 299MB
- 6.1.7000.W7HBO.090215-1651.DVD.part3.rar - 299MB
- 6.1.7000.W7HBO.090215-1651.DVD.part4.rar - 299MB
- 6.1.7000.W7HBO.090215-1651.DVD.part5.rar - 288MB

Update WBO01:
- WBO01_DVD_Update.rar - 24MB

Keyboard Layouts Fix:
W7_KeyboardLayoutsFix.rar – 575KB

ISO W7HB Optimized v1 – DVD Version: These are the ISO files from the Windows 7 Home Basic Optimized v1.

Update WBO01: This is an update pack to the ISO of Windows 7 Home Basic Optimized v1, should be installed in the image before burning it. The update contains the following updates:

- Installers of useful programs / utilities to upgrade, including the installer of WinRAR and a fix for a problem in the keyboard layouts, which is that the layout chosen does not work properly;
- An update to the options menu in English, describing the new
programs included;
- An update to the Options Menu in Portuguese-Brazilian, describing
the new programs included;
- A translation of the information file of changes (Modifications.txt)
in Portuguese-Brazilian.

How to install: From the update folder of your choice (PT-BR or EN-US) and follow the instructions of the file "Leia-me, importante.txt" (PT-BR) or "Read me, important.txt "(EN-US). You need a program to open and edit images from CD / DVD to perform the modification, such as PowerISO.

Keyboard Layouts Fix: This file fixes the keyboard layouts of the system, because in some PC's they can not function properly because of some files that were removed. If you have problems, download it and run it (If you download the Update WBO01 is not necessary to download this, as has been included).



- My AV accuses virus / worm on the update and correction of the file to Keyboard Layouts. What's happening?
A: The installer of the correction of Keyboard Layouts is created in the "Windows Batch File" - *. bat. So the Anti-Virus complains as viruses, more is not.

- My AV accuses virus / worm / trojan in the ISO folder BankerFix. He really exists?
A: No. The BankerFix is a remover of Bankers and Tronjans done in the script language, then why your AV accuse him as viruses.

- My AV accuses virus / worm in the file "Essential.exe" in the root of the DVD. What is it?
A: The file "Essential.exe" contains several Windows Batch Files (*. bat) and registry entries, which are executed to complete the system configuration, so you can be recognized as a virus or worm.


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