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Real Spy Monitor v2.91

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Real Spy Monitor v2.91
Real Spy Monitor can monitor all PC activity including keystrokes typed, web sites visited, windows opened, program executed, screen snapshots, files/docs accessed and more. It can also record instant messenger conversations including AOL, ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, and capture web mail content from MSN, Hotmail, and Yahoo. The program can run in semi-stealth mode (visible in Task Manager) and automatically send logs to a specified email address.
Key Features Powerful logging features: Keystrokes typed - Record all keystrokes typed that include username ( who typed them ), time ( what time user typed them ), windows title ( which windows they were pressed in ) Websites visited - Record all websites title, websites address, time ( what time user visited them) ,username ( who visited them ) Windows viewed - Capture every windows title that were active, including username, time, application pathname ( the pathname where the application is ) Program executed - Track every application/executable filename and its pathname including the time user start/terminate application. Screen snapshots - Automatically captures screen shots of the desktop or active window at set intervals. Files/Docs accessed - Record the filenames and its pathnames that were accessed by user, including username and time ( what time user accessed them) Powerful Report feature All logs that was recorded will be listed in "Report Form". In this "Report Form", You can select the log you want to view, find the important information in large numbers of logs ( Find feature ), clear up the useless and unnecessary logs, make your own Log-Report with HTML File Format, execute all recorded application, audio file, flash file, picture file, video file etc. Content filtering feature Application filtering - You can select any executable file in your hard disk and block them from execution by your children or employee or someone else. Websites filtering - You can enter a full website address or you can also enter a keyword that any websites containing in filtering list box. Once the Internet explorer address box contained them, your Internet explorer will be closed. Also you can allow only the URLs and keywords that were listed to be accessed. Perfect Security feature Stealth Capabilities - Run Real Spy Monitor in total stealth mode, it even can not be found in task list under Win9x system. ( the user will not know that it is running! ) Windows Startup Configuration - Load Real Spy Monitor on windows startup for a single user or all users ( perfect for multiple users of a PC ) Active Mode - Real Spy Monitor will already be monitoring when it is started. Access Password Protection - Only the master of this product can be allowed to start/stop monitoring while it is running. Stealth mode notice - inform user of the PC that Real Spy Monitor is going be running in stealth mode, and remind you the hotkeys to bring Real Spy Monitor out of stealth mode. Email log delivery feature Real Spy Monitor can send you recorded logs through e-mail delivery at set times - perfect for remote monitoring! You can set your own email subjects and select what type of logs you are ready to send. We have set a default ISP Mail Host that supports SMTP feature for you. Of course you can also set you own Mail Host that supports SMTP feature to send recorded logs for you. User and PC actions time tracking Real Spy Monitor will ALWAYS ( Real Time ) logs the current Windows user, the time and date for every PC actions. Automatic log clear up Real Spy Monitor can automatically clear up unnecessary or outdate logs from machine to save your disk space after a certain amount of data have been logged. Easy to use and Friendly interface The interface was redesigned with a really easy-to-use user-friendly interface. Some small bugs were eliminated in this version. What's New in Real Spy Monitor Build 2.91: New Updates: 1 Reduces CPU occupancy to lower than 15% 2 Fixes the bug when it can't be loaded when Windows Startup 3 Hides application name of itself in Windows2000/XP 4 Fixes the bug on "e-mail delivery" 5 Supports to spy the newest version of MSN Messenger 6.1 6 Optimizes the code to avoid Unknown error 7 Redesigns all the graphic user interface; 8 Redesigns html report, see the example [Keystrokes] [Websites] 9 Html report supports to view snapshots directly 10 Save the html report with snapshots to local disk directly 11 Redesigns Messenger HTML report 12 Fixes the bug on Messenger HTML report delivery 13 Supports to remove/restore icon from Desktop, Start Menu, Add/Remove Program 14 Start Real Spy Monitor click on Start, Run, typed in "realspy" 15 If administrator remove the icon, the program cannot be uninstalled without password. 16 Adds a warning to user that they are monitored on start up. The text can be changed in the control panel by the administrator. 17 Adds a "Test Now" button to test whether the SMTP Mail Host works or not. 18 Supports nearly all the available SMTP mail hosts. 19 Reduces CPU occupancy to lower than 5% 20 Improve the function of "File/Doc Access", you can record all the file-operation now, such as create, delete, update files or folders etc. 21 Supports to close the splash warning in ten seconds automatically 22 Supports to deliver logs via FTP now! 23 Rewrite the core code to avoid "RUN-TIME ERROR" 24 Improve the uninstall program. 25 Rewrite the setup program and reduce the size of it. 26 Supports to delete all the logs in system when you uninstall the program. 27 Hides installing path to avoid to be found. 28 Fix the bug "Run time error '75':Pacht/File access error" for win2000&winXP user under NTFS disk 29 Rewrite the core code to support Windows XP SP2 30 Optimizes the code for win98 to avoid setacl.ocx missing error 31 Names logs as "rsm@date.html" format to deliver via FTP 32 Rewrites the core code to avoid being scanned as virus or spyware mistakenly. 33 Supports to spy the newest version of MSN Messenger 7.0 34 Supports to spy the newest explorer version IE7


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