Microsoft Windows Vista ULTIMATE x86 SP1 Integrated June 2008 OEM DVD-BIE

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Microsoft Windows Vista ULTIMATE x86 SP1 Integrated June 2008 OEM DVD-BIE

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Download Few files as Free User if you like it. That's the way of thanking a person who shared something with you..


Microsoft Windows Vista x86 SP1 OEM DVD Integrated June 2008
(C)2008 Microsoft Corp.

Extract Files
Burn Image to DVD
Boot from DVD
Install without serial
Do not set a password for your user-account during setup

... have fun! No Serial and no Activation needed!

If you don't know what this is,
ask the penguin on your desktop..

Download Links:
Code: bievsp168.r00.html bie.nfo.html bievsp168.sfv.html bievsp168.rar.html bievsp168.r49.html bievsp168.r48.html bievsp168.r47.html bievsp168.r46.html bievsp168.r45.html bievsp168.r44.html bievsp168.r43.html bievsp168.r42.html bievsp168.r41.html bievsp168.r40.html bievsp168.r39.html bievsp168.r38.html bievsp168.r37.html bievsp168.r36.html bievsp168.r35.html bievsp168.r34.html bievsp168.r33.html bievsp168.r32.html bievsp168.r31.html bievsp168.r30.html bievsp168.r29.html bievsp168.r28.html bievsp168.r27.html bievsp168.r26.html bievsp168.r25.html bievsp168.r24.html bievsp168.r23.html bievsp168.r22.html bievsp168.r21.html bievsp168.r20.html bievsp168.r19.html bievsp168.r18.html bievsp168.r17.html bievsp168.r16.html bievsp168.r15.html bievsp168.r14.html bievsp168.r13.html bievsp168.r12.html bievsp168.r11.html bievsp168.r10.html bievsp168.r09.html bievsp168.r08.html bievsp168.r07.html bievsp168.r06.html bievsp168.r05.html bievsp168.r04.html bievsp168.r03.html bievsp168.r02.html bievsp168.r01.html

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